Snowing for Thanksgiving

The first and the last amazing thing I saw on this Thanksgiving is the snow covering the world outside my window and keeping falling down from the gray sky when I woke up. I was thinking this snow was made for the Thanskgiving, since it ended in the afternoon and disappeared on the next day completely.
I was born in winter, therefore I kinda appreciate cold weather a little more than others. Sometimes, I may imagine how a winter-born baby survives in ancient times when its parents were less likely to keep the room warm. Winter in the north sphere of the Earth always brings forward numerous disgusting things, such as crowded transportation, chapped lips and a shaking body or even heart to everyone. However, snow, though it causes damages too, gets me relieved when I raise my head and look into the sky for its dancing. At that moment I feel released from various secular affairs that depress me terribly.
It stopped snowing before the noon, which might be the reason why I started to get trapped by my GIS project from that time. God damned it!
Thanks to my parents, my dear brothers and friends, and my little bear. In the name of God, I bless you!

About Hongwei Xu

I'm a social demographer, a single-child, a husband, and a father.

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