Complexity of Society

"If I look at contemporary economics, for instance, I’m sometimes worried about the extent to which technical facility is so highly rated that people can spend their time immersed in the technical problems and lose sight of the fact that we’re really trying to understand a complex world. They have to simplify the world that they want to look at to such a degree that one sometimes wonders whether it’s worthwhile. I would not like sociology to take that direction. I think the great strength of sociology, if it has any strength, is that it has tried to take empirical complexity seriously, and hasn’t done what some parts of economics have done, and I think we should preserve that."

– Peter Abell

(P203 in Edling, Christofer R. 2002. Mathematics in Sociology. Annu Rev Sociol 28: 197-220)


About Hongwei Xu

I'm a social demographer, a single-child, a husband, and a father.

One Response to Complexity of Society

  1. hou说道:

    The complexity of society lies in the fact that human beings are active and proactive.


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